Day: April 7, 2017

EcoStar Featured on Commercial Building

EcoStar’s Majestic Slate 12″ Traditional tiles were selected in Earth Green, Chestnut and Midnight Gray for this commercial building in New York to provide the … source …Read More

Medical Office Building Financing News + More: Preet Bharara reveals why he made President Trump fire him + MORE 04/07/2017

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Special Purpose Properties!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get commercial loans for special purpose properties. Properties that do not fall in the categories of apartments or retail/office buildings are often placed in this special purpose classification. This means that business acquisition loans for commercial properties such as restaurants/bars and auto service businesses are frequently hard to find. Commercial financing will be even more difficult to locate for such specialized properties as churches, funeral homes, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Commercial Real Estate Financing News + More: Six Flags Nixes Plans for Theme Park REIT; La Quinta Says Maybe + MORE 04/07/2017

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Recall/Balloon Features

These terms are used by many banks to effectively shorten most commercial real estate loans to 3-7 years. Short-term loans (less than fifteen years)
15-40 year commercial property loans without recall/balloon features are available. Please note that processing/retainer fees are not included in this discussion of commitment fees. Processing/retainer fees should be viewed as an acceptable and standard business practice when dealing with commercial real estate loans.