Commercial Real Estate Financing News + More: Government sues America's largest student loan company + MORE 01/18/2017

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Tax Returns versus Stated Income!

Most traditional banks will require several years of tax returns in order to qualify for a commercial real estate loan. The alternative is to use a Stated Income lender that does not verify personal income or assets. Many borrowers will simply not qualify for a commercial mortgage loan if tax returns are used due to high business expenses (and low net income). Many lenders using tax returns will also continue to verify income after the loan closes. Stated Income lenders will not engage in this practice.

Sallie Mae has long drawn the ire of student loan borrowers struggling to pay back their debt.

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Private equity funds have entered the new year with record amounts of dry powder to deploy into commercial real estate. The problem is the large amount of money is available to spend at the same time they have gotten pickier about which properties and markets in which to invest.

The total level of capital available to fund managers has been climbing over recent years, from a low of $136 billion at the end of 2012 to $237 billion at the start of…

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Fans tried to keep the Chargers in San Diego with signs and shirts. Now movers are physically trying to prevent the team"s move to L.A.

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Netflix is quickly closing in on the 100 million mark for total subscribers.

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Rockwood Capital LLC held final close on its Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund X, lining up $1.1 billion in capital commitments, meeting the fund’s hard cap.

With Fund X, Rockwood’s strategy is to balance risk across the value-added spectrum with a focus on “speed-to-income.”

The value-added fund will target office, residential, retail and hotel assets in urban and “suburban core” mixed-use environments in the United States…

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The Architecture Billings Index (ABI), a leading indicator of future commercial and multifamily construction activity, ended the year on a strong note, capping three consecutive months of growth in design billing invoices.

The December ABI score was 55.9, up sharply from 50.6 the previous month and signifying the largest monthly increase in design services of 2016, according to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which compiles the monthly…

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