Commercial Real Estate Financing News + More: Blue Bell recalls cookie dough ice cream over listeria concerns + MORE 09/22/2016

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These terms are used by many banks to effectively shorten most commercial real estate loans to 3-7 years. Short-term loans (less than fifteen years)
15-40 year commercial property loans without recall/balloon features are available. Please note that processing/retainer fees are not included in this discussion of commitment fees. Processing/retainer fees should be viewed as an acceptable and standard business practice when dealing with commercial real estate loans.

As world leaders gather at the United Nations this week to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change, a new paper released by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) argues that real estate owners and investors need to prepare for a host of market implications likely to be accelerated by the major climate change agreement…

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Bernie Sanders has been a mayor, a congressman, a senator and an almost-upset presidential nominee. Soon he"ll add “young adult nonfiction author" to that resume.

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London-based TH Real Estate unveiled its U.S. Cities Fund series, a re-launch of the $2 billion TIAA-CREF Core Property Fund LP that plans to invest in retail, office, industrial and multifamily properties in major urban markets in the US.

As the U.S. Cities Fund, the series will have separate open-end funds for retail, office, industrial and multifamily properties in top urban markets in the U…

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In the past three months, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have put forth new tax and spending proposals and revised or clarified some of their previous ones.

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