Commercial Real Estate Financing News + More: At a Rebuilt World Trade Center, a Friendship Fades + MORE 09/12/2016

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Most traditional banks will require several years of tax returns in order to qualify for a commercial real estate loan. The alternative is to use a Stated Income lender that does not verify personal income or assets. Many borrowers will simply not qualify for a commercial mortgage loan if tax returns are used due to high business expenses (and low net income). Many lenders using tax returns will also continue to verify income after the loan closes. Stated Income lenders will not engage in this practice.

High-rises, townhomes and a public river walk are planned for an undeveloped area south of Chicago’s downtown Loop in a project breaking ground Monday, adding to a frenzy of construction along the waterway.

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Frank Lowy and Larry Silverstein’s interests were aligned when they bought the lower Manhattan complex, but they diverged during its rebuilding.

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An office complex in Hackensack, N.J., hit hard by the financial crisis has been acquired by the family that developed the three buildings about a half-century ago.

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