Medical Office Building Financing News + More: Newly confident Janet Yellen is a believer in the U.S. economy + MORE 03/15/2017

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These terms are used by many banks to effectively shorten most commercial real estate loans to 3-7 years. Short-term loans (less than fifteen years)
15-40 year commercial property loans without recall/balloon features are available. Please note that processing/retainer fees are not included in this discussion of commitment fees. Processing/retainer fees should be viewed as an acceptable and standard business practice when dealing with commercial real estate loans.

Janet Yellen has a message for Americans: It"s finally safe to “feel good" about the U.S. economy.

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Despite promises from people in high places, tax reform will not happen by August. In fact, it very well may not happen this year.

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For Tesla, going mainstream doesn"t come cheap.

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